Intervenor for Public Health Care

We are a group of patients, doctors and health care advocates,  who are intervening on the case in order to defend public health care for everyone in Canada!

Meet the people protecting Canadian public health care in this case... 

Tom McGregor

Tom with his dogTom suffers from limb-girdle disease, a muscle wasting disease that affects the hips and shoulders. He has been a passionate advocate for people with disabilities for decades. 

If Canada had a private insurance system like the one Brian Day is proposing, Tom expects he would be not be able to get coverage - it isn’t profitable to insure a person who regularly needs health care.

Fortunately in Canada’s public system, everyone has access to the care they need. Tom has been able to stay healthy enough to continue contributing to his community and currently works as an advocate at Wilson Heights United Church and serves on Translink’s Disability Advisory committee.

Glyn Townson


Glyn is a trusted community leader who has volunteered much of his time to support persons living with HIV since his own diagnosis in the 1980s.

Glyn has required health care to monitor and treat his HIV for almost 30 years - care he’s been able to afford because Canada’s health care is publicly funded.

If Glyn had been forced to pay for his necessary hospital stays - which included a stay for chicken pox and one for severe shingles - he might have been forced to choose between his health and bankruptcy. Glyn is participating in this case because he believes that everyone should have access to the same quality care regardless of their income level. 

Canadian Doctors for Medicare

Dr. Rupinder BrarCanadian Doctors for Medicare includes high-profile leaders in clinical medicine, research, policy and education residents, medical students, retired physicians; and "Friends" in other health professions and among theCanadian public. We advocate for evidence-based reforms that will improve the accessibility, quality, and sustainability of our universal health care system.

Canadian Doctors for Medicare emerged in 2006, when a group of physicians and friends became concerned about the increased privatization in Canadian health care and the development of a two-tier health care system that would allow the wealthy to buy private insurance for private care at the expense of the vast majority of Canadians.

BC Health Coalition

BCHC staff and board chair Edith McHattie

The BC Health Coalition is a network of individuals and organizations with a shared passion for public health care. We are young people, seniors, health care workers, faith communities, health policy experts, and people with disabilities.

We work to continually improve the public system we all rely on, and to uphold the values of caring and fairness that our system represents. We believe care should be there for everyone when we need it, regardless of age, gender, income level, or postal code.