Take the pledge to support public health care!

In September 2020, the BC Supreme Court dealt a strong blow to the efforts of Dr. Brian Day and others to undermine Canada’s public health care system.

The landmark ruling by the court is a comprehensive endorsement of our universal public health care system. It found that duplicate private health care would benefit the wealthy and healthy, and harm the rest of the public by undermining our public health care system. This was the response to a decade-long legal attack launched by one of the largest for-profit clinics in Canada.

Despite our win, we have been dragged back into the courts by Dr. Day and his supporters as they appeal the previous decision. Medicare will be back on trial at the BC Court of Appeal in June 2021. We will be there to defend it and we need your support.

With your help, let’s make sure that public health care in Canada continues to provide care for everyone. Please sign the pledge below to show your support for public health care! 

I join with others to support and strengthen public health care in Canada. We know public health care is not only equitable, it also offers better quality, more efficient and cost-effective care.

I pledge to support public health care and that:

  • Access to health care should be based on need not ability to pay
  • Public health care should be improved -- not dismantled
  • Public dollars should not be used to subsidize private profits

How it Works:

  • You sign the pledge joining others across Canada who support public health care.
  • We report back to you on updates in the media and legal updates to the Cambie case.
  • Together, we support and strengthen public health care.