Our Role: Intervenors for public health care

The Coalition Intervenors represent some of the most vulnerable beneficiaries of BC’s universal public health care system, who together with many others depend on the benefits and protections afforded by the challenged measures, and stand the most to lose if those benefits and protections, including those contained in ss. 14, 17, 18 and 45 of the Medicare Protection Act are struck down. The Coalition Intervenors also represent physician providers of health care committed to the principles of universality and equal access. Together with their patients, these physicians would shoulder the damaging consequences if BC’s publicly funded single payer Medicare system is undermined or dismantled.

The intervenors Dr. Duncan Etches, Dr. Robert Woollard, Glyn Townson, Thomas McGregor, British Columbia Friends of Medicare Society and Canadian Doctors for Medicare (the “Coalition Intervenors”) intervene in this trial pursuant to orders of this Court dated November 20, 2009, January 10, 2013, and May 21, 2014. These orders granted the Coalition Intervenors leave to submit legal argument and tender two expert reports (Professor Marie-Claude Prémont and Dr. David Himmelstein). 

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