Four weeks from now

EdithToday, at an important case management meeting, we got confirmation that Dr. Brian Day's legal case will finally go to trial on September 6th 2016.

That means that in just four weeks, we'll be sitting in court, listening to the opening arguments in a case that could totally destroy Canadian public health care.

It’s the Cambie Corporation versus Canadian public health care in a dangerous legal battle that could replace Canada’s health care system into a US-style system. Day is seeking to eliminate the laws that prevent publicly paid doctors from also working privately.

The BC Health Coalition and Canadian Doctors for Medicare are proud to be intervening in this court case to protect the health care system that serves millions.

We'll be providing updates on case proceedings as often as we can. We're going to need massive support from people across B.C. and the country, to ensure that messages in support of our public system are heard above of the profit-minded case that Day is going to put forward.

We are grateful for your support in this.