Closing Statements Schedule

This is currently the schedule for the final three weeks of the case. We'll keep you posted if it changes.

Nov. 18 - 22 - Plaintiff’s submission (Closing Statements for Dr Day's Cambie Surgeries Corporation ("Cambie"), Specialist Referral Clinic ("SRC") and four individual patients)

The morning of Nov. 25 - British Columbia Anesthesiologists’ Society's submission

Nov. 25 afternoon to Nov. 26 morning - Attorney General of Canada - historical review (the federal government provides context for the case)

Nov. 26 afternoon to Dec. 3 morning - Defendant submissions (The provincial government represented by the Attorney General of BC provide their Closing Statements)

Dec 3 afternoon - 4 morning -  Attorney General of Canada - remaining submission (the rest of the Federal Government's Closing Statements)

Dec. 4 afternoon - Patient intervenors Closing Statements

Dec. 5 morning- Canadian Doctors for Medicare and BC Health Coalition's Closing Statements

Dec 5 afternoon - Dec 6 - Plaintiff’s reply