Trial is adjourned until September 2017 (at least)

On April 10th the judge agreed to an adjournment of the trial until at least September 5, 2017. Over the next four months all the parties will be working to ensure their documentation (witness lists and statements, expert reports and counter-reports, agreement on common book of documents etc.) is finalized and any outstanding applications are handled.

With all this in order the hope is that once the trial starts again in the fall, the proceedings will go as smoothly and quickly as possible.

One of the issues/applications up for discussion is the request by the Plaintiffs to all the health authorities to supply documents relating to wait times and the use of private, for-profit, surgical clinics. It is mainly due to this request that the start of the trial may NOT be September 5th. If the health authorities need more time to deliver the required information, it may be necessary to delay the start of the trial. The parties believe they will know if the trial will be delayed sometime in July.

Just one more note of clarification: the media has been reporting that the reason for the adjournment is because Day's team has run out of money. That may or may not be true, but the Defendants stated in March that they were going to submit an application, referred to the "abuse of process application" calling for an adjournment in order that the Plaintiffs get their documentation and witness lists in order before the rest of the trial continued.