Pack the Courts

On Monday, we will be back in court for the final three weeks of the Cambie Trial. We need to show there’s strong support for health care that is available to all based on need, not ability to pay. Help us do this by packing the court on Monday, either in person, or with a virtual check-in.

Can you join us at the courthouse (the corner of Nelson and Hornby) at 9am on Monday? If we pack the court with supporters of public health care, we can show that there is broad support for health care that is available to everyone, regardless of the ability to pay.

If you can’t be at the law courts in person, you can virtually attend and show support by checking in at the Vancouver Law Courts on Facebook.
Instructions for how to virtually check in below.

Contrary to Brian Day and his supporters' arguments, evidence  shows that Day’s changes would make things faster only for those who can afford to buy their way off the list, and slower for everyone else. The main beneficiaries of Day’s case will be doctors like him who will be able subsidize lucrative private practice with public dollars.

Let's defend public health care together!

How to Virtually Check-in

To virtually attend the first day of closing arguments, start by typing a facebook status about the case. It could be as simple as

“Today I’m defending public health care with the BC Health Coalition and Canadian Doctors for Medicare.”

After writing your status, click the three grey dots to get additional posting options: 


When the list of options come up, click “Check In”


Clicking “check in” will cause a textbox to show below your status

In the box start typing “Law Courts”. You will then have the option to select “Law Courts (Vancouver)” from a list. Click on this and a street map should appear, meaning you have succeeded in checking in.  Then click “Post”.