Closing Arguments start - Plaintiffs up first

November 18th was the first day of the Closing Arguments. There was a lot of media interest as this decade-long case nears its conclusion. At our press conference in front of the Law Courts, we highlighted the dangers this case presents to our health care system, and that the legislation Cambie is trying to overturn is what ensures everyone in BC gets care based on need, not on whether they can afford to pay out of pocket.

You can see our press release HERE, listen to Dr. Rupi Brar from Canadian Doctors for Medicare on CBC's the Current, or hear a quick summary of the first day from BC Health Coalition Co-Chair, Edith MacHattie. Dr Colleen Flood also gave an excellent interview about the case on CBC's Power and Politics.

We are posting on Facebook and Twitter throughout the three weeks of closing arguments, so you can check there if you want to keep a closer eye on what's happening. In addition watch these pages to learn about actions you can take to support the case and spread the word that Day's arguments that his expanded two-tier health care won't harm our public system, are false.