Counsel for intervenors in Cambie Case to present opening arguments, demonstrate damaging impact of two-tier health care for Canadians

Media Advisory - Lawyers for the intervenor groups will present their opening arguments this morning (Wednesday, September 14) regarding the Cambie lawsuit at the BC Supreme Court. Counsel for the intervenors will argue the legal changes proposed by Cambie Surgical Corporation will make health care less accessible and more expensive for most people.


The intervenor group includes two patients, two doctors, Canadian Doctors for Medicare, and the BC Health Coalition. The patients in the intervenor group --  one living with Limb-Girdle Muscular Dystrophy and other with AIDS -- represent those who stand to lose the most in this case. They are economically vulnerable people who rely on a high quality public health care system to provide life-sustaining care.


In addition, the physician members of the intervenor group are concerned that if the lawsuit successfully overturns the principle of Canadian health care - that care be based on need, not ability to pay- their patients’ health will suffer.


Dr. Vanessa Brcic, Edith MacHattie, and Adam Lynes-Ford will be available to news media for interviews at the Courthouse (Hornby/Nelson) from 8:30 AM forward.



Case information

We have compiled details about the case and participants are available online for quick access.

Media contacts

Adam Lynes-Ford

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Mary-Margaret Jones

Communications, Canadian Doctors for Medicare

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