Cambie Is Back!

The final 3 days of arguments in the Cambie Surgical Case resume today, Tuesday, February 25th, following an unforeseen court delay.

We will pick up where we left off in the court schedule. 

During November and December, public health care supporters across the country came together to defend an equitable and accessible health care system from those who would put profits over patients. Supporters volunteered to cover 31 court watching shifts, 228 people wrote letters to their editor and hundreds more used social media to fact check Brian Day.

We need to keep this pressure going through these final few days.

Here are 5 ways to Take Action:

  1. Our Day In Court (Event): Join us in court on Thursday, February 27th at 10am and hear constitutional lawyer, Joe Arvay, argue on behalf of the Coalition intervenors. Click here for details.

  2. Virtual Pack the Courts (Action): Make sure your networks know what is at stake in this case by checking in on Thursday the 27th at the Vancouver Law Courts on facebook. Click here for instructions.

  3. Support Public Health Care (Social Media Shareable's): Post our social media graphics, based on the recent poll, showing the overwhelming support for Public Health Care. Click here for instructions

  4. Write a Letter to the Editor: Will you write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper and help us debunk Day? Click here for instructions. 

  5. Donate:Contribute to the legal defence fund- your donation will ensure our voices are heard as the Charter Challenge against public health care moves forward